Semalt Shares Top 6 Features Of Web Data Extractor

Web Data Extractor is one of the most influential and famous tools. It is used to scrape information from different social media sites, dynamic sites, travel portals, shopping websites and private blogs.

You can use Web Data Extractor to collect and scrape data from particular URLs, meta tags, meta titles and descriptions. You can even organize your data based on short-tail and long-tail keywords with this tool. The major benefits of Web Data Extractor have been discussed below.

1. All-in-one tool:

Web Data Extractor is an all-rounder and performs multiple tasks at the same time. It is not only a comprehensive scraper but also a powerful web crawler. With Web Data Extractor, you can conveniently publish scraped content on your site or can crawl your web pages for better search engine rankings. This service also extracts information from varying email addresses, phone numbers, and fax numbers, providing you accurate and timely results.

2. Privacy and Security:

Unlike other ordinary data scrapers, Web Data Extractor ensures your protection and safety on the Internet. Once the data is scraped, this software saves it in a secure database and makes it easy for you to download the files on your hard drive. Anyone will never access your scraped content. In fact, you can protect your delicate files with a password.

3. Completed spam protection:

Web Data Extractor protects your data from bad bots and spam. It is best known for its user-friendly interface and allows you to access authentic and accurate data only. With this service, you don't have to worry about the quality. All the URLs are processed in a secret database and information is stored in its personal database. Moreover, this tool offers data filters, text filters, and domain filters. It allows us user-selectable recursion.

4. Great web content for enterprises:

One of the major problems we face is quality and accuracy of content. We cannot publish articles with lots of spelling or grammatical errors. Web Data Extractor fixes all the major and minor errors in our web content automatically. Plus, this application scrapes a large number of sites and is suitable for enterprises.

5. Different versions available:

You can access its free and paid versions at the same time. For startups, freelancers and webmasters, Web Data Extractor is a good alternative to For medium and large-sized businesses, its paid version is available. The software is not too pricey and unlocks all interesting options and features for you. It uses patented machine learning and visual abstraction technologies to target information from thousands of sites. With Web Data Extractor, you can create different extraction agents in a matter of seconds and don't need any programming skills.

6. Intelligent Site Navigation:

Web Data Extractor navigates through different web pages and gets you top-notch information in no time. You just have to highlight the data and allow it to identify internal and external links. The software will collect and organize data. You can get desired results in two to three minutes. Web Data Extractor has claimed to scrape over 1 million web pages so far.

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